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Residential Window Tinting
Oklahoma City OK (OKC)

Comfort, Protection, & Savings

Lower energy costs for heating and cooling

How much would you save on your electric bill every month if you could block up to 78% of the radiant heat entering your house through your windows? Applying film to all the windows in your house is a very smart investment and one of the most cost effective solutions for saving on heating and cooling. During hot summer months, air inside your home is heated through your windows. Sometimes, your air conditioner will have a hard time keeping up, which you'll see on your electric bill. Window films work to balance the temperature throughout the year by keeping hot air outside your home during the summer and warm air inside your home during the winter.

We are 1 of only 3 total in Oklahoma who have the privilege of being a certified 3M Prestige sun control window film dealer! Prestige™ Window Film by 3M® works like a filter, rejecting 99.9% of harmful UV rays, up to 78% of heat, and infrared light, and depending on amount of tint you choose, allows for excellent clairty, or increased privacy.

If you're unsure of the best product for you, our professionals are more than willing to help you find the right application for your home!

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Prevent sun damage and color fading for fabrics and furniture in direct constant sunlight

The longevity of your furniture depends on a few different things (we all know it's much shorter with children or pets), but one factor typically overlooked is that of direct and extended exposure to sunlight.

Don't wait until it's too late-- take preventative measures against sun fading and other solar damage by letting us install a solar film for you TODAY!

Dramatically Reduce Glare

Eliminate blinding glare and reflections which make it difficult to view TV and computer screens

Prevent Bodily Injury, and Deter Criminals

Our films keep shattered glass intact, stopping break-ins, and protecting you and your family from dangerous shards of glass.

Living in Oklahoma, you're probably well aware of what the weather can throw at us, and our windows! Safety and security films help you stay safe during severe weather.

Add Style and Privacy To Your Home

Keep your peace of mind with our privacy films or add personality to any room with our decorative applications.

Do Your Skin A Favor

While most people often don't get sunburned through a window, that doesn't mean that glass protects you from all of the harmful effects of the sun. Glass commonly blocks UVB rays, but untreated windows do not shield you from dangerous UVA rays. UVB rays cause sunburn. It's easy to tell if you've been overexposed by the redness and pain. The effects of UVA rays are more insidious and cause damage over the long term. They don't impact the skin right away-- instead, after years of exposure, UVA rays increase signs of visible aging such as wrinkles and brown spots, and can also lead to skin cancer, including melanoma, the most deadly form. UVA rays are present, and harmful, year-round. UVA rays can penetrate a typical window-- whether it's in your home, office, or school.

Recommended by the Skin Cancer FoundationBy blocking 99% of Ultra Violet Radiation all year round, our films are worth their weight in gold for helping protect the skin of all the occupants of your house, and proudly carries a Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation for its performance.

Let our experts help find the perfect film for you!